Collection: Long Sleeve Dresses

Long sleeve mother of the bride dresses are a sophisticated and elegant choice for any wedding, offering both style and a touch of modesty. These dresses are particularly favored for cooler seasons or formal evening weddings, but their versatility extends beyond that, appealing to mothers seeking a blend of classic and contemporary fashion.

The Queen’s Lace stocks a variety of designs, from sheer lace that hints at skin beneath, to rich, opaque fabrics for a more traditional look. We also have different sleeve lengths and cuts to help add a unique flair to the dress, be it flowing bishop sleeves for a romantic touch or tailored, buttoned cuffs for a sleek, modern appeal. Our dresses feature a variety of necklines, from conservative high-necks to elegant V-necks, each complementing the overall design while maintaining a elegant allure.

Long sleeve dresses for the mother of the bride offer the perfect opportunity to make a tasteful and memorable fashion statement, ensuring comfort and confidence throughout the celebratory event.

Here are a few of the long sleeve mother of the bride and groom dresses you can expect to find at The Queen's Lace located in Cincinnati, OH.


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