The Queen's Lace Dress Shopping Experience

Kim Kraus, founder of The Queen’s Lace, started the business with the goal of helping every mother and grandmother of the bride or groom find a dress that makes her feel beautiful, confident, and excited for the wedding.  Simply said, help her find her perfect dress.  Kim wanted a mom’s time at The Queen's Lace to be an experience to say thank you and to give them energy for the rest of the planning journey. A mom’s dress shopping experience becomes another memorable moment in the wedding planning process; where mothers can feel like the queens they are.

We believe to find the perfect dress; a mom deserves personalized attention and exceptional support.  Here is the SUPPORT a mom can expect during her dress shopping experience at The Queen’s Lace.

S: Set the stage – We set the stage for an incredible shopping experience by reading what moms have submitted prior to their appointment.  This helps us not only ask better questions when moms arrive, but also have a few initial dresses in mind.

U: Understanding – We seek to understand what the mom wants while helping her see how beautiful she is.  That joy of looking and feeling beautiful will show in the pictures that will last forever.

4 women preparing for a dress shopping appointment

P: Positivity – Everything about the experience is positive.  Even when a mom tries on a dress that is not hers, it’s helpful.  We like to think that “every no gets you closer to yes”.  Knowing what a mom doesn’t like is a useful piece of information in the quest to find the perfect dress!

P: Purpose Driven – Making moms happy is our mission with every mom that comes to The Queen’s Lace.  Although not every mom will find her perfect dress, we can certainly help every mom leave feeling happy.

O: Options – We encourage moms to try many styles.  Most moms haven’t worn a formal dress since their own wedding day.  Body shapes and styles have changed since that time and many moms gravitate to styles that mimic what they wear every day.  That may not be the best style for formal wear.  That’s why we carry over 700 elegant dresses.

rack of elegant mother of the bride dresses

R: Respect – We respect every mom’s needs and feelings.  We may not agree that her arms look bad, or she looks “big” in something, but we do respect how she feels.  We want her to feel her best, which is what enables her to be her most beautiful self.  That means it’s important to respect what she says is her truth.

T: Triumph – Celebrate when the decision is made!  This is a big choice and one that should feel amazing.  Life needs more moments to enjoy.  We want to make this one of them!

mother and bride celebrating

SUPPORT-ing moms in their quest for their perfect mother of the bride or groom dress is our focus during a dress shopping experience at The Queen’s Lace.  With over 200 5-star reviews to date, we are confident our approach will continue to Make Moms Happy.

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