5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Dress for Moms

Whether you’re the mother of the bride or mother of the groom, finding the perfect dress has been confusing and frustrating.  And to be honest, it should be the opposite.  Finding your perfect dress should be fun, it should supportive, and it should be shared to celebrate you.  Follow these 5 tips for a stress-free dress shopping experience to find the perfect dress for the big day.

bride walking with her mother

1) Here Comes the Bride

Start looking once the bride has her dress which can be 6-12 months before the wedding.  This also gives you plenty of time for alterations if needed.  Searching the internet to get a feel for styles and designers is a great way to start.  Ultimately, you will want to try on a variety of styles.

mother of the bride and groom with the bride

2) When in Rome

Understanding the colors, the style, and the wedding location will ensure your dress complements both you and the wedding. The typical order of dress selection is the bride then the bridesmaids and then the moms. At The Queen’s Lace, we make it our job to find the perfect dress that will deliver “when in Rome”.

bride dancing with her mom

3) Comfort is Queen

An elegant dress that makes you uncomfortable is NOT the perfect dress.  You need to try on different styles and fabrics to be sure you are not only beautiful, but you can also sit, stand and of course, dance!  That’s why we carry over 600 dresses; so you can try on as many it takes to find the perfect one.

mother of the bride and groom on a swing

4) Play Well with Others

Coordinating with the bride and the other mom is critical to enjoying the wedding planning process and ultimately, the wedding.  This helps the bride to be focal point at the wedding while the moms bring in their personal style without stealing the show.

mother of bride toasting with her friend and the bride

5) Make it a Moment

Let’s face it. You deserve it.  You have sacrificed for your child and you haven’t even thought about yourself in the last few months of wedding planning.  Celebrate the accomplishment of getting your child to the milestone of marriage with a personal or group shopping experience with friends and family. Even better, make a day of it with breakfast or lunch.

“Say yes to the Dress” isn’t just for the brides!